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For more than 16 years, Pixroller language solutions has delivered outstanding service and personal attention to a wide array of industries including businesses, law firms and legal service providers, governments and municipalities, health care, education, financial and insurance institutions. 

All of our typesetting projects undergo a multi-step quality assurance process to ensure quality and idiomatic accuracy.

We deliver all world languages including:


  • Western-European

  • Bi-Directional languages - Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew etc.

  • Central & East-European languages.

  • Double-byte Asian languages - CCJK.

*Supported software list upon request. Contact us.

Lab worker putting medical blood sample
  • Drug formularies

  • Provider directories

  • Welcome kits

  • Pre-enrollment kits

  • Accessibility (Section 508, pdf/ua remediation).

We provide Section 508 compliance using innovative technology designed to make your electronic content accessible to the
visually impaired. Our remediation services include PDFs,
Word Documents, and other digital content. 

Healthcare DTP

Financial data on a monitor.jpg
Businesspeople Meeting In Modern Boardro
Robotic process automation as an innovat

Financial DTP

  • Annual reports

  • Semiannual reports

  • Monthly fact sheets

  • Prospectus

  • Key Investor documents

  • IPO

  • Recreations

  • Typeset

  • Template and document design

  • Document preparation for translation

  • Workflow consultations

Marketing and Corporate DTP

Pixroller's secured powerful module based real-time document management and publishing tool, currently in beta. Customizable for different industries to meet different standards. 


Proprietary Kelly   Solution

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